18/07/2019, Clara Simbi

Diane Rwigara, Leader of PSM Itabaza

Diane Rwigara explains that the repeated murders or killings of genocide survivors for more than two decades are mainly the basis of her letter to President Paul Kagame, because we were still during the 100-day commemorative period. As examples, Diane Rwigara draws up a list of survivors of the genocide killed under the RPF regime.

Diane Rwigara indicates that it is not only the survivors who are the object of assassinations. She says that these killings concern all the constituent ethnic groups of the Rwandan people, and she gives examples. Diane Rwigara points out that sometimes there are even enforced disappearances, and she gives examples of them as well.

Diane Shima Rwigara, is the leader of the People Salvation Movement, PSM Itabaza. This movement was created in 2017 after Rwandan authorities refused to run for presidential elections.