April 21st; 2019, Chris Murokore 

Maj Callixte N. Sankara and Gen. P.Kagame

According to credible information from Moroni, Rwandan Defense Minister Major General Albert MURASIRA with four senior military officers, two ladies and two other civilian authorities, arrived in Comoros Islands last week with Ethiopian Airlines.

Following the failure by the RDF Chief of Staf, General Nyamvumba in the weekend of April 14th, this new delegation believed that Major Callixte NSABIMANA Sankara was still in Moroni and was aiming to convince the Government of the Comoros to extradite him to Rwanda. The Rwandan defense minister and his delegation suffered a serious failure and returned humiliated to Kigali.

In the interview with Radio Ubumwe, MRCD Chairman Paul Rusesabagina confirms that Major Sankara Callixte, the spokesman of the Forces for National Liberation (FLN), a  military wing of the political platform MRCD,  was arrested under the arrest warrant wich was given to Comoros by Kigali government.

Paul Rusesabagina talks about the involvement of RDF Chief of Staff Gen Patrick Nyamvumba and DMI in trying to extradite Major Sankara Callixte or eliminate him. He notes, “they returned empty handed.” Paul Rusesabagina said that, thanks to MRCD friends, Kigali failed in this attempt.

He added : “they were heavy negotiations which included other international bodies and partners.” Paul Rusesabagina stated that the spokesman of his organisation, Major Sankara Callixte is totally healthy and safe.

Paul Rusesabagina said, it’s not yet the right time for Major Sankara to comeout and start giving interviews. He added, “Major Sankara Callixte will be giving an interview at the right time, and he will explain everything about the case ».