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By Emmanuel Senga


In his narcissist behavior, President Paul Kagame thinks all the doors are widely opened for him, but he is wrong. The world is capitalist and runs by interests. By the way, what is the share Rwanda brings on the world table? Nothing. We have to be really aware that the modern world is not managed in the interest of those emerging countries or poor ones, the world is managed in win-win rule. You have nothing to offer, you are not allowed to talk and you are not welcome. President Kagame does not understand this. He continues to force doors until he will understand the real world. We know he does this for his interior image, to impress Rwandans and Africans at large, but he has to stop this. The world has seen enough. So our thanks to our country mate Jean Paul Ndindamahina for his following analysis.

Thank you Jean Paul Ndindamahina

Emmanuel Senga


Why President Trump would refuse to give a handshake to President Kagame

This week it was in Newyork city where Kagame was invited along with other hundreds of head of states to attend UN general meeting and it is there that he met for the first time Mr Trump the president of undisputable world’s most powerful country, the United states of America. The president of Rwanda who is nicknamed “the strong man of Kigali” looked rather overwhelmed by the powerful presence of Trump being close to where the strong man of Kigali was and due to his effort to try to shake the hands of the world’s powerful president, President Kagame was denied that access.


1. President Kagame is here seen trying to force his access to try and shake Trump ‘s hand but the intelligent security service blocks his way as Trump looked obviously that he did not want to shake the Kigali’s strong man’s hands



2. The rwandan delagate to UN formed a triangle to make sure they ambush the President trump but still shaking Trump ‘s hands seemed to be even more difficult for them as Kagame is seen being shown the way away from Trump



3. The forming of triangle was to make sure that at least one of Rwanda’s delegate to UN manage to shake hands and may be talk to Trump and Rwanda’s Embassador to United Nations saw that chance slipping under her hands as Mr Trump ignored her but went to shake Hands with Kenya’s Foreign affairs Minister as you can see the bellow picture


3. The triangle tactics was seen failing so the Rwanda’s embassador to United nation tried to grab USA President hands as it is seen on the bellow picture but Trump pulled his hands quickly from her hands and her hands was left hanging in the air as it is seen bellow


They may manage to reconcile with Trump and take picture and shake hands with him but as it stands now it shows not every one fears Kagame and his brutal leadership. Some leaders, some people , some where , there will be those who will stand up against the brutality to innocent and vulnerable citizens.


I have been waiting anxiously for the President Trump to execute his foreign policy as he promised during his election campaign. He promised American citizen that he would make America great again and on top of that, as one of the world’s most powerful country, he promised to world citizen especially those who are under brutal regime that for him being elected as the president, these citizen suffering would come to an end as he would apprehend dictators and bring them to justice for the sufferings they inflict on their own people.

He mentioned some countries in Africa such as Uganda and Zimbabwe. The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni has been ruling Uganda since 1986 where in Zimbabwe, the president has been in office since 1980 but what President Trump forgot is that both these countries Zimbabwe and Uganda, their regime is not dictatorial or brutal as the regime you would find in Rwanda since the end of civil war. At least people in Uganda and Zimbabwe, can express their views and that is the basic free expression we have been asking the Rwandan regime to comply with.

The president of Rwanda Paul Kagame seems to be immune to an international law on human rights. Unlike in Uganda and Zimbabwe that Mr Trump has focused on, in Rwanda people are not free to express their opposing views to the government whoever dares ends up in jail or killed by government sponsored slayers. All Rwandans in Rwanda live under the state of fear and without any other option available, the Rwandan citizen are forced to act as if they dearly love their president as a tool of propaganda by the state to show it has its own people support but the contrary is the case.

Since the fall of Rwanda’s Monarchy in 1959, Rwanda has fallen under the leadership that wants to hold on power tight and never let it go and the resistance to political change has led to civil war and consequently to the genocide. The current Rwanda’s resistance to a political change, its brutality and human rights abuse leads Rwanda nowhere else but to another conflict that will see more innocent Rwandan citizen losing their lives. The humanity today should not clearly become “I don’t care”. It should stand alongside with Rwanda people in their struggle to overcome a brutal leadership.

If the president Trump has willingly refused to shake hands with President Kagame then that would be a message of hope for those Rwandans who are crying for support and have no shoulder to cry on and more leaders should follow the lead and make our world free and fair for every citizen in every corner of the world. The message as us Rwandans to president Kagame is simple: “ we are not a threat to your leadership, you can continue to lead Rwanda as long as you allow us to be free”

Our freedom as Rwandans matters. It should be our way of life not a chance given by anybody. Even having some rights and freedom found in Uganda today, for us Rwandans would be a mile stone to reach and a miracle because people in Uganda don’t fear to say what they want, they can demonstrate against the president, they can confront the president ask him questions whether he likes them or not, during the recent Uganda elections, candidate were given enough platform to express their political views etc… all that has no existence in Rwanda.

The current Rwanda is ruled through opportunistic and the state of fear. It is not a fair and equal Rwanda we want. We want a country where every citizen has a chance to succeed without being compromised by any barrier from the colour of skin, region , ethnic or political belief. Rwanda today, is heavily corrupted from the top and whether you are a Hutu or a Tutsi, you can only succeed in Rwanda only if you are a sympathiser to the ruling party.

The human rights abuse is becoming a way of life in Rwanda and surprisingly the international community has become cool with it. The Rwandan people are under the most vicious and cruel practices adopted by the leaders of Rwanda to eliminate their enemies and hold onto power and it has been a success in Rwanda for president Kagame who enjoys a leadership without opposition.

The brutality found in Rwanda comes from harsh, vague and unfair laws the current Rwandan leadership has put in place to benefits its own political ambition without giving a damn consideration to a worthiness of those laws to Rwanda and her people’s wellbeing. The public demonstration is against the law in Rwanda. However that would be caught organising a public demonstration against the current regime brutal policy and practices can have serious consequences including long term jail and death and that the reason, everything Rwanda elites do in Rwanda is met with no opposition.

The constitution can be amended to benefit individuals and a group of people -majority Rwandans know well it is wrong but their right to patriotism has been robed from their hands, they see wrong being done to their country and they have no right to fight against it or oppose it because the brutal regime has successfully managed to implant fear among Rwandans and each day that fear grows even higher and bigger until it explodes and create another 1994 event that we all , including the international community has promised that “never again” for the genocide to occur.

The fear is that any conflict in Rwanda will eventually turn into ethnic conflict leading to ethnic violence as it happened in 1994. The prevention of this dark moment in Rwanda, it would be to allow democracy reign in Rwanda and getting rid of those brutal leaders who are allergic to political change. The people of Rwanda must be able to express their political views without being penalised for it. The Rwandan laws must be defined clearly and fairly and stop being used as traps for those who are critics to the brutal regime.

The international community including the most influential countries to Rwanda UK and USA must put a considerable pressure on Kagame and his government to step down as soon as possible and allow free and fair election and freedom of speech and thereby allowing Rwanda and her people to move on and Kagame and his government should cease holding Rwandan people under the state of fear. Without that necessity to Rwanda’s democracy that is demanded today by free people to President Kagame and his brutal leadership, Rwanda will inevitably descend into another chaos of violence and possible civil strife and war.



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