27/04/2018, Opinion

Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa’s critique of Judi Rever’s book on RPA/F 1994 massacres in Rwanda. Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa was RPA/F General Secretary. He played a major role in the 190/1994 war that brought RPA/F into power. Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa was Kagame’s right hand until he fled Rwanda recently.
My take on this:

WHILE I AGREE with both Jud and Theogene that RPA/F exterminated people during, before and after the 1994 massacres, I STRONGLY DISAGREE with both analysts on whether or not RPA/F massacres constitute genocide against the Hutu, in legal terms. RPA/F massacres dis not spare any ethnic group. Of course, RPA/F butchered more Hutu.

Likewise, I disagree with the claim that the crimes some members of then predominantly Hutu government and its associated armed groups committed constitute Tutsi genocide.

All armed groups, at that time, committed serious international crimes, including war crimes, crimes against humanity and rape as a weapon of war. All armed groups in or arround 1994, including RPA/F, committed acts of terrorism, too. However, no group, including RPA, committed genocide.

The 1994 so-called Tutsi genocide narrative is probably the most stinking hoax of our time. RPA/F – Kagame and his Western partners-in-crime created the hoax to cover up RPA/F’s role in the 1994 massacres.

Nice read:


By Dr.Theogene Rudasingwa

In the volatile mix of Rwanda’s traumatic history, Judi Rever’s In Praise of Blood: The Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front tells a painful story in 277 pages. You cannot read the book without feeling very sad, helpless and hopeless about the tragic stories of Rwandans.
From available public sources, interviews with Rwandans and non-Rwandans, Judi Rever
provides a counter-narrative to RPF’s dominant yet false narrative about the 1990s war and 1994 genocide. She puts RPA’s Directorate of Military Intelligence(DMI) as the mastermind of crimes against Hutu in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These crimes, she asserts, as I do, amount to genocide.
Judi Rever asserts that there was genocide against Tutsi.

The central theme that runs through In Praise of Blood is that while many of the perpetrators of genocide against Tutsis have been prosecuted and punished, none within the RPF’s political-military establishment have been brought to account for their crimes against Hutus. She attributes this deliberate failure to the role of the United States in protecting the RPF regime and the biased role of the ICTR which, though with a mandate to prosecute and punish such crimes, decided not to. Judi Rever’s In Praise of Blood posits a thesis as a counter-narrative thesis to RPF’s.

However, there are some areas of her thesis over which I would like to put on record my
strongest reservations and disagreement:
As of now, there is no official, objective, or scholarly history of the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF). Nor has there been such objective history on RPF’s military wing, the Rwandese Patriotic Army (RPA). Formally, RPA military struggle was supposed to be under the overall political leadership of the RPF. In formal structures, the notorious and much-dreaded Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) is a directorate in the military establishment whose function was to collect military intelligence. This formal arrangement was copied from Yoweri Museveni’s National Resistance Movement (NRM), the National Resistance Army (NRA) and its DMI.

Judi Rever uses RPF, RPA and DMI interchangeably but in reality each served a different function before the 1990 invasion from Uganda, during the period 1990-1994, and after RPF came to power. RPF had a formal 8-point political program that defined its ideology. None of the eight points included exterminating Hutu. The battle cry of the time was “we are going back home,” to unite.

Comment by Prof Charles Kambanda:

Charles Kambanda Kagame and his funs do not want anybody to think critically about most of the elements of the Tutsi genocide pack-of-lies because nothing adds up in the  » Tutsi genocide » story; from the founding, membership, functioning and leadership of the interahamwe to the question of numbers ( e.g. the Tutsi were about 14% of 7.4 or so million Rwandans. However, after 1994 massacres, we are told that over 1.3 m Tutsi died and about 300, 000 Tutsi survived!!!!)!
Each year, Kigali Junta  » discovers » massgraves » of Tutsi « killed » during the 1994 Tutsi genocide!!

How can 14% ( Tutsi) of 7.4 million ( all Rwandans) be 1.3m ( dead Tutsi) +300,000 ( Tutsi survived) and Kagame is still  » discovering » more massgraves of the Tutsi who died during the Tutsi genocide!!! Crazy math and politics!

Serious questions:

a) Did the Tutsi dead bodies multiply like the Bread Jesus multiplied in the Holy Book?

b) Did the Hutu dead bodies disappear into the air, the same way Jesus disappeared into Heaven with his body?

c) If the interahamwe were a Hutu organization, meant to exterminate the Tutsi, why did the Hutu give the two most powerful positions of the interahamwe organization to the Tutsi? Were the Hutu short of fellow Hutus to lead their organization, if the interahamwe was a Hutu organization designed to exterminating the Tutsi?

c) Were the Hutu so stupid that during the alleged genocide against they Tutsi, planned and executed by the Hutu, the Hutu ended up killing their fellow Hutu more than the Tutsi, per the statistics above? Did the Hutu kill themselves?

d) How and why did some former interahamwe become part of RPA /F?

e) Why has RPA/F never said anything about the over all boss of the interahamwe, a Tutsi, who was part of the Kagames ( family)?

f) How and why does RPA condemn the interahamwe without condemning the supreme and most powerful leader of the interahamwe, who was Tutsi and part of the Kagames?

g) If all the Hutu are called interahamwe and evil because some interahamwe were Hutu, why aren’t the Tutsi evil because some interahamwe were Tutsi and the over all leader of the interahamwe was Tutsi?

h) Why doesn’t RPA/F Kagame want people to talk about the unofficial alliance that there was between interahamwe and RPA/F Kagame rebels; why did RPA/F become part of interahamwe, if RPA/F knew the interahamwe were meant to exterminate the Tutsi?

i) why was then gov dying to have neutral UN troops to step in as save people from the massacres while Kagame and his troops were opposed to the move?

The  » genocide against the Tutsi » hoax stinks at every turn of rational inquiry!